Saturday, 31 December 2011

Real Education [Must Read]

To parents, educate your child the right way. What Nas share below, just a LITTLE summary of how they (the Jews) deceive us. To those who do not hold parents, educate people that are dear to the true Islamic way.

When you chance to educate your children,
You educate your child with a western education,
When your child can drink milk,
You give your child cow's milk.

When your child's mother should chew vegetables,
You give your child fast food vegetable,
When your kids need fresh meat,
Your give your child fast food.

When your child has to learn the letters ox,
You opens mind your child with writing rumi.
When your child should be educated with the story of the Prophet,
You opens your child's ear with twinkle2 little star?

When your child has to Islamic dress,
You give your child with jeans?
When your daughter must be pampered with a hood,
You opens dress your daughter in a skirt?

Tap the head ...
Larvae ear ...
Each of your actions ...
Certainly gave birth to what you've set ...

You must be questioned in the Hereafter ...
Educate your child with Islamic education ...
because Islam is very beautiful & easy ...
Life is temporary ...
why not let your child live in a way JEW?

Why educate your child ...
which finally ended with a eating SALARY?
EATING SALARY = not working out for, but pay heavy son.

Do not make your child the victim GOYYIM!
Goyyim = sacrifice to MIND CONTROL & living like robots.

Avoid your child involved with cartoons and movies.
Avoid your child see the social life today.

It's up to you ...
Your child is a white cloth,
It's the people who shape your child ...

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