Thursday, 6 September 2012

Build Own Homemade Wi-Fi Booster Without Spending Much

I've been using this wifi extender for some time now and got about 50% increase in the wifi signal strength, that's not at all bad considering the fact that my room is really very far from the router. Please don't go by the looks of this device make one to see the result.

The device is called "WindSurfer" and is probably the cheapest and working WiFi booster available.
You would need the following items to make one
Gluestick, Sticky Tape
Scissor, Stapler
Aluminum Foil and WindSurfer Template

Download WindSurfer Template
WindSurfer PDF file

Resize the template using either MS Word, Paint etc. or Download The Resized Template
IMPORTANT : The bigger the size of WindSurfer the better will be the Wi-fi signal strength and range.

Once you have done the resizing, print the template.

Now stick a cardboard behind the template, the cardboard must not be too hard use something that is flexible like a calender etc.
After you've stuck the cardboard, cut out the two parts. The first part will be the one which says "WindSurfer" and the second part will say "".
Stick aluminum foil to the second part.

Now cut slits in the second part using a knife. Then insert the slots from First Part into the slits. Use sticky tape and tape them nicely.

Finally pinch two holes where a plus sign appears.

There you go its done. place the WindSurfer on your WiFi antenna and check your Wifi Signal, you'll find an increase in signal bars.
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P/s: Tetiba je post dalam Inggeris? hehe..Jangan betulkan kaca laptop korang! Betolla ni Naslive Pages. Tajuknya dalam Bahasa Melayu [cara mudah membuat penguat isyarat Wifi buatan sendiri]. Harap korang pahamlah. Kalau tak pun,buat2 je paham..hehe. Cuba korang try buat tengok. Lepastu tinggalkan komen ea. Trimas

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